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Welcome to the lab

We are a hand-craft roastery, wholesaler, cafe and bakery chain

founded in Copenhagen in 2013

Rwanda, Limited Edition

Rugali Anoxic

A rich luxurious cup, indulgent like Red Velvet Cake with hints of tropical and dried fruits alongside a wonderfully delicate finish reminiscent of chardonnay.

We are proud bakers, baristas and roasters that constantly strive to serve the best experience for our customers with a Scandinavian touch.

Meet the 4 founders of Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Hear Steen Skallebæk, Ole Kristoffersen, Jacob Karlsen and Allan Nielsen talk about their shared journey, how they bought their first location on eBay and many other amusing anecdotes.

Menu from the lab

Meet our bakeries

The coffee journey told by the company

We do not see ourselves
as just a coffee supplier


Learn about our bakery

Our bakeries are a huge part of our identity. We put honor and love in everything we make at our bakeries. Nothing is accidental and we strive to serve freshly baked bread every day to all of our customers in our cafes, shops, and bakeries



The coffee journey

We pick our coffee beans by traveling far, collaborating with talented coffee farmers, building relationships. Coffee is not just coffee. Follow the link and read more. 

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