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SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru 11, Geisha
1500 masl
Clean, bright, complex and juicy, with notes of gummy bears and rhubarb, plum jam and pomegranate, and a light and floral cacao quality.
Baragwi Pb
This is a lonely hitchhiker with a harmonica in his pocket.
The Baragwi Cooperative Farmers society contains hundreds of small holders from the area surrounding the washing station, and the blends are made from peaberries from the high performing lots, including SL28 and Geisha. Normally coffee seeds grow two to a cherry, but around 5% mutate and are left with the only child, the peaberry. (PB = Peaberry).

Coffee production is grown by small holder farmers in Kirinyaga. Many of these farmers are surrounded by several wet mills and can choose who they deliver to. The better factories attract more farmers when it produces higher quality coffee that earns higher prices.

The lot we have chosen from Baragwi is exceptional. As a peaberry, the uniform shape and density make this coffee a joy to roast evenly so it is clean, complex and juicy. with notes of gummy bears and rhubarb, plum jam and pomegranate.

Pick me up and i’ll play a tune that will take you on the road.

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