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The Roastery

We do not see ourselves as just a coffee supplier. We pick our coffee beans by traveling far, collaborating with talented coffee farmers and building relationships. We are proud of our direct collaborations with each coffee farm. With our great knowledge and interest, we roast and pack coffee every day from our roastery in Copenhagen. Its all about fluctuation, always moving and developing. In coffee terms, we simply want to honour the bean.


The Roaster

We see our roasting process as a craft, and we can only ever be as good as the tools we are working with.

Here in the Lab, we utilise the most efficient roasting tool available to us, the Loring S70 Peregrine. Its single burner convection design produces consistent and precisely developed coffee every time. This great feat of engineering allows us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, recycling the air batch by batch, working with almost complete convection. With traditional roasters, there is comparatively more conductive heat transfer, risk of greater roast difference between the inner and outer bean, and an increased risk of over roasting the coffee. With Loring, the heat transfer is drastically more efficient, meaning more to play with when profiling our coffees, and up to 80% less fuel and greenhouse gases per roasted batch when compared to traditional roasters. 

Utilising our many years of experience in the field, our roasters profile each batch according to its terroir, its process, and brewing method, ensuring a pinpoint portion of development so that no detection of the roasting process can ever distract you from the true flavour experience of the coffee. Coupled with our extensive daily quality control measures this allows for dynamic and progressive roast profiling and produces a consistent product no matter the volume. All of this contributes to our exceptional control over each coffees flavour potential. 


Quality Control

Our diverse range of coffees need constant care to ensure our customers are given an exceptional and reproducible experience every day, whether that be in a busy espresso house, a batch brew in the office, or a pour-over at home.

Post roast, we check the colour of the inner and outer bean, and implement both cupping and espresso quality assessments for our complete range. Whilst cupping, we create the consistent and stable environment to critically assess our roasts. 11g:180g coffee to water ratio with 96oC water at a fine grind setting gives us this ideal strength and extraction to critically asses our work. We have created our own unique approach to coffee assessment, focusing on clarity of terroir, balances of sweetness and acidity and the tactility of the drinking experience.

Comparing samples week by week, we note the natural evolution of each coffees flavour as the green ages, setting our targets on designing the best possible roast profile from the first bean to the last.

Our water, our grinders, and the extraction of our coffees our regularly assessed so we can be confident the product you taste is precisely as we intended. Knowing these variables change from place to place, we strive to test our coffee in many different environments with changing variables, and log this information to help guide our customers in achieving the best possible extraction, no matter where they are.


From bean to cup

Discover our selection of beans to know more about our coffees, their origin, the producers and our sourcing partners.

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