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Nothing is accidental

Our CCL bakeries are located in Côte d’Azur, Hamburg, Ruhr and Lisbon. 

They each produce bread and pastries for our own coffee shops. In all of our bakeries we respect this century-old handcraft by focusing on long fermentation and real sourdough in all of our loafs and buns. The long fermentation combined with the use of a sourdough enables our baked goods to get a textured crust, a beautiful color, and a juicy, acidic doughy centre, this is what we strive for in every batch.


Time is the key ingredient

The truth is… 

You can never rush the process of a dough, it will always take it’s own time. Our bread is on it’s way for more than 48 hours before being ready in our displays. Everyday we take time to control and check on resting, sourdough, temperatures and the long fermentation – just to mention a few of the processes. These are essential in order for us to succeed in producing good products. 


Making an effort

We make an effort to get better every single day, to keep challenging ourselves and we know that we will never finish learning. But one thing we do know, is that we take pride in the products that we produce. Not because we use sourdough in our ryebread or butter in our croissants, but because we have professional and dedicated bakers on our team, because we are focusing on doing our very best every day!


The lab experience

If you would like to taste our handmade pastry or breads, then feel free to visit our cafes and give us your opinion.

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