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Country & region
Honduras, Copan
Caturra, Catuai, Lempira
Flavour notes
Marzipan & dark chocolate
This coffee has the same spot at the bar – same chair, same glass.
Proexo CO-OP
Working together for a better future
Proexo was born as an initiative by Juan Madrid and a group of local producers as a result of the problems caused by climate change. The initiative help each producer tackle issues such as commercialising and coffee leaf rust. The Coffee Association started with 24 producers and today there are 196 members who produce coffee and silently contribute to a better environment at the bar.

Every bar needs regulars and a patron to put the coins in the jukebox. Cheers to you Juan Madrid! We are super excited to share this coffee and see how this collaboration develops while working together.

When you encounter him at the bar, note the sweet aroma, chocolate and nuts. But mostly that smooth and easy going taste.

Country Honduras
Region Copan
Varieties Caturra, Catuai, Lempira
Altitude 1200-1750 masl
Flavour notes Marzipan & dark chocolate
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