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Roasted for espresso


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Atítlan, Potucha
Bourbon, Organic
1050-1600 masl
A clean coffee, with hints of dried fruits and pistachio, and very balanced all thanks to that sweetness.
Finca Ceylan
This coffee wears a gun on its hip so be accurate on this shot.
Many wild things occur on Finca Ceylan, Dariush the owner always patrols his wild farm with a revolver on his hip, he is quite a character.

We have been roasting Finca Ceylan for many years and each year the quality has been outstanding. Hidden by the volcano in Atitlan, you discover a farm that is a wild organic land, flooded with biodiversity, fruit and lush coffee plants. Life grows here as it always has.

The bourbon varietal gives a naturally heavy body and lends itself to an espresso with a playful apple acidity. The coffee is processed using a traditional wet mill and havested from October through to March.

This farm has been producing coffee since 1870 and before certifications existed in Guatemala. Organic and environmental practices were taking place in Finca Ceylan since the 1980’s; eventually getting formally certified in 2001.

Expect a clean and chocolatey coffee, with hints of dried fruits and apple.
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