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Atítlan, Potucha
Bourbon, Organic
1050-1600 masl
A clean coffee, with hints of dried fruits and pistachio, and very balanced all thanks to that sweetness
Finca Ceylan
This coffee wears a gun on its hip so be accurate on this shot
The wild character. Finca Ceylan, located in the Atitlan region of Guatemala, is a wild organic land filled with biodiversity, fruit, and lush coffee plants. The owner, Dariush, is a character who patrols his farm with a revolver, ensuring the highest level of care and attention to detail. Many wild things occur on Finca Ceylan, reflecting the untamed spirit of the farm. The coffee’s variety, the renowned bourbon varietal, gives it a naturally heavy body and contributes to its unique flavor profile. Each year, the quality of Finca Ceylan’s coffee has been outstanding, making it a standout choice for coffee enthusiasts seeking a truly unique experience. As you sip this espresso, allow its vibrant character to take you to the wild landscapes and untamed flavors of Guatemala.
Finca Ceylan
Guatemala’s Treasured Coffee Region: Atitlan
Hidden by the majestic volcano in Atitlan, you’ll discover a coffee farm that embodies the essence of its rich surroundings. The Atitlan region in Guatemala is renowned for its exceptional coffee production, and Finca Ceylan stands as a shining example of the area’s coffee heritage. The farm’s location at altitudes ranging from 1,050 to 1,600 masl allows the coffee trees to flourish in the fertile volcanic soil. The unique microclimate, with its ideal rainfall and temperature, contributes to the development of exquisite flavors in the beans. At Finca Ceylan, the coffee undergoes a traditional wet mill process, carefully preserving the essence of the region and capturing the distinct qualities of Atitlan’s coffee.
Finca Ceylan
Sustainability and Biodiversity at Finca Ceylan
At Finca Ceylan, sustainability and biodiversity are deeply ingrained in every aspect of their operations. The farm’s dedication to producing exceptional coffee is reflected in their meticulous cultivation practices and commitment to organic farming. The Echeverria family, who have owned the farm since 1870, ensure that the highest standards are maintained in every step of the coffee production process. Additionally, Finca Ceylan is proud to be Rainforest Alliance certified, demonstrating their dedication to environmental preservation and sustainable farming practices. By prioritizing biodiversity and protecting the local water reservoirs and vegetation, Finca Ceylan contributes to the long-term sustainability of the region.
Finca Ceylan
A Flavorful Espresso
Finca Ceylan holds a special place in our hearts as our oldest partner, and every year, the quality of their coffee has been exceptional. Roasted specifically for espresso, this coffee presents a clean and chocolatey profile, complemented by hints of dried fruits and pistachio. The organic bourbon varietal, with its naturally heavy body and playful apple acidity, adds a delightful complexity to the cup. As you savor each sip, you’ll not only experience the captivating flavors but also appreciate the rich heritage and dedication that goes into every batch of Finca Ceylan. It is a testament to the enduring partnership and commitment to excellence that has made this coffee a beloved choice.
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