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Gitesi #07
Dates – Nougat – Gummy Bears
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This coffee dances
with the morning
Each building block in a coffee’s journey is constructive. It potentially amplifies those principal flavours. From picking, to processing, to roast, our luxurious Rwandan natural scores remarkably high in all areas. A mature, deep, berry like acidity, paired with an elegant and rich dark chocolate sweetness makes for a special moment to savour.

At origin, the coffee is handled and processed meticulously, making everything about it feel lavish, from the mouthfeel reminiscent of ripe fruit, to the extravagant chocolate truffle lingering in the finish. We have sculpted a roast style that excites these nuances. All for a taste that is both precious and unforgettable.
Country: Rwanda
Region: Karongi
Altitude: 1.750-1.800 masl
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural
Roasted for: Filter
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