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Keep challenging ourselves

Copenhagen Coffee Lab is a Danish-owned coffee chain with its own coffee roastery, bakery, and cafés in Germany, France, and Portugal – and one in Copenhagen. In the cafés, you can get all kinds of high-standard, freshly brewed coffees from our beans. The beans come from our own roastery, and there is a bean for every taste and every type of coffee. Coffee is not just coffee. Just as wine is not just wine. In addition to coffee, we serve the most delicious bread and pastries. Home-baked according to the best traditions with a lifetime of experience from some of Denmark’s most skilled master bakers, who have previously built up an entire empire of bakery shops in Denmark.

It is no coincidence that Copenhagen Coffee Lab focuses on coffee, bread, and pastries. Two of the four founders have always worked with coffee and developed the current roastery – and the other two are, as previously mentioned, former master bakers. In other words, they are genuinely committed to coffee, bread, and pastry with love and respect for the craft. Always at work in one sense or another. Always looking for new methods, tastes, and flavors – not to mention new cafés.


But Copenhagen Coffee Lab is not either-or. It is both and. Ultimate, both with coffee, pastries, and bread. In other words, the quality of the products is the core of our self-understanding. But the most important thing is that the feeling is furthermore passed on to our customers in the stores. They experience the difference. That they can feel and taste that we put all our focus and energy into our work. From the roastery, to the bakery and further on to our staff in our stores. And that is why the story of Copenhagen Coffee Lab is as much about people as it is about bread, pastry, and coffee. It’s about people who go that extra mile.


The spirit of Copenhagen Coffee Lab lives in the extra effort we make every single day. Keep challenging ourselves. Recognize that we never stop learning. That we take pride in the products we produce. Not just because we use sourdough in our rye bread or butter in our croissants. But more because we are professional and dedicated and focus on doing our very best every single day. And that applies to the craftsmanship, the quality, the respect for the products – and all the other things we deliver every day, from service to products and furnishing of shops and cafés.


Coffee is not just coffee

We do not see ourselves as coffee suppliers. However, more like proud coffee lovers on a journey. We select our coffee beans by traveling around the entire world, where we, with our agents, work with skilled coffee farmers – out in the nearby areas, where relationships are best built through physical presence.

We are proud of our collaboration with the coffee farmers who supply us with beans. The coffee beans come from different parts of the world – mainly Africa and Central America – depending on variety and taste. They are delivered to our roastery at Sydhavnen in Copenhagen. Equal amounts of knowledge and interest are added when we roast the beans and pack them for their onward journey.


Diverse crowd

The name is not coincidental. As in all other laboratories, we experiment with new interpretations of coffee. Our coffee lab is not a clinical lab but rather an experimental one, where we try a lot of things throughout the entire coffee process – for example, alternative roasts of the beans.

At the roastery and lab, we are a diverse crowd of individuals – some might say nerds – who enjoy and share their love for our work. So naturally, the coffee beans are our focal point. Admittedly, we are a little obsessed and treat them all with great care and respect.


Classic approach

We produce bread and pastries for our coffee shops. All our bakeries have a classic approach to the craft, using long fermentation and genuine sourdough in all bread and buns.

The long fermentation combined with the sourdough makes it possible to get a crispy crust in our baked goods, a beautiful color on the bread, and a juicy, sourdough-like crumb. This is what we strive for in every bread we make. And just like with our coffee, we are constantly evolving, experimenting, testing recipes at the bakeries, and trying to improve in every way.

But no matter how good we are at baking; we will never be fast. Because time is a crucial ingredient when making bread. The truth is that you can never rush the process of a dough. A dough will always take its time, and our bread is on the way for more than 48 hours before they are ready in our stores. And speaking of time, we also take time every day to check the resting time, the sourdough, the temperatures, and the long fermentation – to name just a few of the processes. However, they are all crucial for us to succeed with a product we can be proud of at the end of the day.


Going for more of a feeling

Our interior design is recognizable without being strictly conceptual. We’re going for more of a feeling. It’s about the atmosphere and the experience our customers feel when they enter the store. Which senses are stimulated during the visit, and which values lie behind each and every detail.

We use materials such as metal and brass – a little industrial laboratory style with added warmth and coziness. We strive for our shops and cafés to be experienced as little oases where you can enjoy a little time with the highest standards within coffee, bread, and pastries. But also, in an atmosphere where you want to sit and enjoy the moment. Maybe read a book or just be present. Perhaps use the café as a workplace for a while, where the presence of the surroundings provides a lovely ambiance that is good for contemplation and concentration. And cozy in the company with a good cup of coffee and some bread.

Regardless of the purpose of the visit, the sum of emotions should reflect a sense of quality. Quality in the experience with our service. Quality in the baked goods and quality to the last drop in the beautiful green cup. This is the feeling you, as a customer, should take with you with our products in your hand and our ambitions in your heart.

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