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Brew Kit


250g bag of seasonal coffee
Kalita Wave 185
Kalita Server 500 ml
Kalita Wave 185 paper filters
Brew kit
Get started
With the Kalita Wave pour-over method, brewing consistently at home has never been easier. This brewing kit consists of

– 1 x Kalita Wave Dripper 185
– 1 x Kalita Server 500 ml
– 1 x Kalita Wave 185 paper filters
– 1 x 250g bag of seasonal, freshly roasted coffee

The Kalita Wave dripper is known for its flat-bottomed design and three-holes drainage which prevents channeling and results in a more consistent and balanced cup. It is the perfect choice for anyone new to pour-over brewing since you will experience good results right from the beginning.

Offer the brewing kit as a gift or treat yourself with this highly praised filter brewing method.

The dripper is made from stainless steel and the server is made from heat resistant glass. Both the dripper and the server are dishwasher safe.
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