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Proud coffee people

We do not see ourselves as just a coffee supplier.

We pick our coffee beans by traveling far, collaborating with talented coffee farmers and building relationships. We are proud of our direct collaborations with each coffee farm. With our great knowledge and interest, we proudly roast and pack coffee every day from our roastery in Copenhagen. 


Our roastery its all about fluctuation, always moving and developing. We are a diverse group of individuals that enjoy and share the love of working inside the third wave coffee industry. In coffee terms, we simply want to honour the bean.


We honour the bean

We cup and taste the coffees weekly, following cupping protocols from the Specialty Coffee Association. We follow procedures that enable us to measure different factors like green bean moisture, green bean density, color roast level to mention just a few of our quality controls.


From bean to cup

If you want to get closer to our partners and read about their history before choosing the exact coffee that you like, follow one of the buttons below


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