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Roasted for filter



Red Bourbon
1450-1600 masl
A rich luxurious cup, indulgent like Red Velvet Cake with hints of tropical and dried fruits alongside a wonderfully delicate finish reminiscent of chardonnay.
Rugali Anoxic
The generous friend who always cheers you up.
The days are getting darker, the nights longer, so you may need a friend to cheer you up. We are happy to welcome the Rugali Anoxic and to be part of this incredible journey with the non-profit organisation Raw Material.

Located by the shores of Lake Kivu and the thousand hills of Rwanda you’ll find the washing station Rugali which ideally is located to produce an exotic blend of flavors. Rugali’s special methods have turned this lot into something exceptional to behold. Such flavours are a rare breed and produced through an incredible amount of passion that translates directly into the cup. With indulgent notes of Red Velvet Cake and hints of tropical and dried fruits.

A celebration of taste from a generous friend.
Anoxic Method
The term anoxic refers to the processing method used. The cherries are hand picked and floated, to ensure only the highest quality. They are then placed in a deep fermentation tank then a sheet is placed over them and then it is submerged in cold water. A seal is created by the pressure the water imparts on the sheet creating a vacuum effect on the coffee beneath, creating the anoxic environment of fermentation for 48 hours.

Coffee is dried in cherry on raised beds for between 4 to 5 weeks. The raised beds ensure optimum circulation of airflow, assisted by the cherry being turned every 30 minutes of the duration of its drying!

Alongside Muraho Trading Co, Raw Material help affiliate co-operatives increase the quality of production, fethching higher prices for their coffee, and through this introduces them to new markets, and we are extremely happy to have come across such a sensational coffee.
Kalita Brew Guide
Rugali Recipe
What you need: Kalita 185 brewer. Filter papers. Scale. Timer. Grinder. Filtered water. Kettle.

Coffee: 30g
Grind Size: Medium-Coarse
Water: 460ml
Temperature: 94oc
Time: 150s

Step 01 Whilst your water is boiling, weight out 30g of coffee and grind it medium-coarse. Place your paper in the brewer, and pour some of the boiling water over to ensure all the paper is wet. This helps rinse away papery flavours, and heats up the brewer, which helps maintain temperature during extraction. Add the coffee to the brewer, place it on top of your server, place the brewer onto your scale, and tare.

Step 02 Start your timer, pour 60g of water onto the coffee, and then let it bloom for around 20 seconds. You may also want to stir slightly when you begin pouring, agitating the coffee bed to ensure total saturation. This allows for a more even extraction going forward.

Step 03 Slowly and steadily, in both inward and outward circular motions, pour over the rest of the water in around 1:30 – 2 minutes. Adjust your grinder accordingly to achieve this time frame.

Step 04 Once extraction is finished, remove the brewer and swivel the coffee within the server, taking in the dried fruit and chamomile like aroma. Let the coffee cool – this will open up the flavours, ensuring more clarity in the cup.

Our thoughts We love to brew this coffee with a greater ratio of coffee to water. This is to ensure a more juicy and luxurious tactile. Paired with a lower temperature, this allows the acidity to shine, revealing stone fruit and tropical like qualities that greatly compliment the sweet nougat and dried fruit flavours.
Raw Material
Raw Material gives 100% of profits to producers, and alongside the Rwanda government and Muraho have set up go fund me page to support those effected by the 2020 floos and landslides that occurred to due to unusually high volume of rainfall in.

We would like to thank Raw Material for this fantastic collaboration, and thank you for the text and images.

Rugali © Aidan Campbell / Jessie May Raw Material
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