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Tasting Pack

Three different filter coffees in one tasting pack.
Exceptional filter coffees
Villamaría, Colombia
Baragwi PB, Kenya
Danche #01, Ethiopia
A harmonious trio of exceptional filter coffees
Filter Tasting Pack
Elevate your coffee ritual
Introducing our Filter Tasting Pack, a harmonious trio of exceptional filter coffees that will take you to three distinct corners of the coffee world. This pack features three distinct coffees: Villamaria from Colombia, Baragwi PB from Kenya, and Danche from Ethiopia.

With our Filter Tasting Pack, you have the opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the coffee world. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a curious explorer seeking new adventures, this pack promises an extraordinary coffee experience.
This coffee defines the rules – it’s the rebel with a sweet cause
For us, sweetness is fundamental, and this is where our Colombian coffees shine. As washed coffee go, Villamaría ticks all the boxes that we at the lab search for. Nuanced, crisp fruit qualities, and a sweetness so bold it is palpable. Sourced via our friends at Raw Material, we are proud to offer you a year-round selection of exceptional filter from Colombia. The abundant natural resources and unique climate surrounding the region of Caldas has imparted a unique flavour profile into this coffee. It is tried and tested, delicious until the last drop.

Country Colombia
Region Caldas
Varieties Variedad Colombia, Castillo Naranjal
Altitude 1800 masl
Flavour notes Milk chocolate, physalis & caramel
Baragwi Pb
This is a lonely hitchhiker with a harmonica in his pocket
This exceptional coffee offers delightful notes of plum jam, gummy bears, and pomegranate, creating a unique and harmonious taste experience. Baragwi PB is a washed coffee known for its clean, complex, and juicy character. It showcases the remarkable qualities of SL-34, SL-28, Batian, Geisha, and Ruiru 11 varieties. Just like a lonely hitchhiker with a harmonica in his pocket, this coffee carries a personalized touch. Pick it up, and it will play a tune that takes you on a sensory journey, revealing the intricate melodies of flavor and aroma. Let the symphony of Baragwi PB transport you to the captivating roads of coffee discovery.

Country Kenya
Region Kirinyaga
Varieties SL-28, SL-34, Batian, Ruiru 11, Geisha
Altitude 1500 masl
Flavour notes Plum jam, pomegranate & gummy bears
“I used to dress like a hippie”
Are you searching for a unique and flavourful cup of coffee? Danche #1 takes you back to the days where all you cared about was chasing freedom. High up in the mountains this coffee was high for a long time.

Slow maturation is a catalyst for sweetness. Our second year working with the Danche washing station has proven to us that sweetness lies at the core of an outstanding washed coffee, situated at the bedrock of that flowery-fruit-elegance we all know and love from washed Ethiopians. Starting with a delicate chamomile and lavender floral, the flavour makes a trajectory through candy, plum and peach. Surrounded by semi-forested vegetation, in rich, fertile red soil, the conditions at Danche are ripe to produce an incredibly deep, clean and dynamic flavour profile. For summer a bright refreshing iced coffee, in winter a nuanced filter brew, Danche is that archetypal washed coffee from Ethiopia.

Country Ethiopia
Region Chelbesa, Gedeo
Varieties Kurume, Wolisho
Altitude 2150 masl
Flavour notes Rose, blackcurrant & cacao nib
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