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Enjoy an exclusive taste experience with our composed filter bundle.
Filter Bundle
We are thrilled to introduce our flavour-packed bundle, carefully curated to delight you and your loved ones

Filter Bundle includes:
– 1x 250g – El Aguila from Colombia
– 1x 250g – Baragwi PB from Kenya
– 1x 75g Organic Earl Grey Jasmine from TeSelskabet
– 1x Signature Latte Coffee Cup (350ml) with matching saucer
– 2x Coffee cards w. description of coffee farm and tasting notes
Filter Bundle
Fruity Filter Coffees
In this filter bundle you will find two distinct and carefully selected specialty coffees, each with a unique flavor profile.

The first coffee, Baragwi PB from Kirinyaga in Kenya, offers a clean, bright and juicy flavor profile. This specialty coffee is grown at high altitudes, where the cooler temperatures and fertile soil contribute to its distinct taste. You can expect notes of cranberry, goji berries, elderflower, and a light and floral cacao quality, making it a unique and memorable experience for any coffee lover.

The second coffee, El Aquila from Valle del Cauca in Colombia, is an incredibly consistent and high-quality coffee, grown in one of the most renowned coffee-producing regions of Colombia. Valle del Cauca is known for its ideal coffee growing conditions, with rich soil, high altitude, and a mild tropical climate, all contributing to the unique flavor profile of this coffee. When you brew El Aquila, you can expect beautiful chocolate and sweet apple flavors, with a unique touch of florality and a hint of tropical fruit. Both coffees are carefully selected and roasted at our coffee roastery in Sydhavnen, ensuring the highest quality and freshest taste. We’ve included a coffee postcard with each bag – giving a glimpse into the collaboration with the coffee farmers. The postcard also provides insight into the unique taste notes you will experience with each cup.
Filter Bundle
Latte Coffee Mug
Every coffee lover knows that a good big cup is an essential part of the coffee experience, and we have the perfect one for you. Included in the filter bundle is our exclusive mint-green latte coffee cup with a matching saucer. So, sip the fruity and floral notes from this one.

This cup is limited edition and available online for the first time. If you are more into darker notes, then our espresso bundle may be the right choice.
Filter bundle
Organic Earl Grey
We’ve also included a 75-gram bag of Earl Grey Afternoon Tea from our trusted partner, TeSelskabet. This organic tea is one of their top sellers for a good reason. It’s a bold black tea infused with the classic taste of bergamot, with a fresh twist of citrus and jasmine.

The tea is not only a treat for the taste buds but also for the body, as it’s organic and free from any harmful additives. It contains natural aromas and is blended with marigold and jasmine flowers to give it its characteristic flavor and scent. This tea is a true delight for any tea enthusiast, and we’re thrilled to include it in our bundle.
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