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Roasted for filter


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Chelbesa, Gedeo
Wolisho, Dega
2000 masl
Fully Washed
Wonderfully bright and complex cup with a silky tactile. The fruit and floral qualities of this coffee sing as it cools.
Chelbesa Danche
“I used to dress like a hippie”.
Chelbesa Danche takes you back to the days where all you cared about was chasing freedom. High up in the mountains this coffee was high for a long time. A wonderfully bright and complex cup with remnants of flowers in her hair.

This washing station is located in Chelbesa, Gedeo. Semi- forested, the cultivars Welisho and Dega, named after trees, grow in a rich and fertile red soil. Around 400 farmers deliver their coffees to the washing station. The coffee is fermented for 72 hours, washed in channels, hand-sorted and graded again according to density. So for three days you’ve gotta tune in, turn on and drop out.

This coffee sing hallelujah as it cools. An exceptional example of the highest caliber of organic coffees coming out of Ethiopia.
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