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Nothing is accidental

Our bakeries are a huge part of our identity. We put honor and love in everything we make at our bakeries. Nothing is accidental and we strive to serve freshly baked bread every day to all of our customers in our cafes, shops, and bakeries


We have our own bakeries near all of our locations, which makes it possible for us to always serve fresh products. Our bakers are well educated and know all the secrets to make all kinds of bread and pastries to satisfy you. 


Bread is just not bread

We are in favor of good craftsmanship and organic ingredients as the mainstay of our bread.


We are proud of that. Our bread takes time to make, and this creates an uncompromising product where you can taste the difference. It creates a bread with character and crispness. We bake with the process in focus and this gives a uniform, tasteful result every single time.


Bread with character

Our Danish tradition-bound rye bread is one of our classics. It’s baked with sourdough and is a hearty rye bread with structure and the good sour taste like the way we think a rye bread should taste. All of our special breads are baked with focus on the process and the craft, which gives a tasty bread that has a good shelf life.


The day is for pastries

Not only do we give our bread a special treatment.


We put love in making pastries for the sweet tooth and we make several variants, textures and flavors to satisfy everyone. We cherish the craftsmanship and acknowledge that good quality takes time to make. 


Behind the recipes

All of our recipes are our own and are continuously developed so we constantly improve and renew.

This is the way how we keep the high quality and simultaneously maintain old traditions and stick to the craftsmanship of physical bakers instead of machines. 


The "hygge" experience

If you would like to taste our handmade pastry or breads, then feel free to visit our cafes and give us your opinion. 


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