Cerro Azul

Cerro Azul

In early 218 we began a collaboration with Coop Cerro Azul in Nicoya, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Cerro Azul is small coffee Coop that receives and processes coffee from all the small coffee farmers in the area.

Most of this coffee is processed and marketed in olden methods.
After meeting the Coop administrator Jaime and a few interviews after we were able to agree to start collaborating with each other.

As a next step, we will coordinate a ‘workshop’ for the Coop to learn how to process their coffee in 2 different ways. This ‘workshop’ will be given by a coffee professional from Costa
Rica, who has had much experience with coffee processing and coffee in general.

The partnership will begin by us, Copenhagen Coffee Lab, to start buying their coffee (2017/2018 harvest). We will roast and market this coffee in Copenhagen to our customers by introducing this new coffee.

The motive for this workshop is to help the Coop develop new strategies that will guide them to
improve their quality and therefore increase the value of their coffee.

After the ‘workshop’ we will evaluate the results of the first outcomes and review what should be the next step. By evaluating, we will buy most of this ‘new’ coffees from the Coop and try it in our western market.

Besides us collaborating in the coffee quality, we will also try to get involved in more environmental projects in their region that will become more apparent after this years planned visit.